Champions League final travel guide: How to get to Madrid for Tottenham vs Liverpool

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Tottenham and Liverpool will fight it out to be crowned winner of the Champions League in the competition’s first all-English final for 11 years.

The Premier League teams booked their places in the final after securing thrilling comeback wins in the semis and will now meet at Madrid’s Wanda Metropolitano in June.

Spurs are into their first European final since the 1960s while Liverpool are into their second consecutive final after losing to Real Madrid 3-1 last year.

But fans of both clubs face paying eye-watering prices to get to the Spanish capital, with direct flights from London Heathrow costing as much as £1,600.

Most flights leaving London two days before the final have already sold out, while supporters arriving on the day of the game face long stopovers. 

Inside the Champions League final dressing rooms

So with flights at a premium, here are a number of ways you can get to Madrid for the final on June 1 and the length of time it will take you.


Travelling supporters should be prepared to pay a premium to reach Madrid as prices have skyrocketed since the semi finals.

Return flights from London for the days either side of the game have risen to as much as £1,683 at certain times of the day. Other direct flights are charging around £1,300 for a journey that usually costs around £72.

Direct flights leaving the capital two days before on Thursday, May 30 are slightly cheaper while flying out on game day will cost you around the same.

Some could opt to fly out a bit earlier and head home a bit later for less money, but these require going via other Europan countries such as Italy, Belgium or Portugal.

From Liverpool some of the cheapest flights out on the Friday mean you won’t land in Spain until after midnight, while Sunday flights with Vueling leave Spain at around 2am.

Some flights back on the Monday will set you back at least £800.

Unfortunately, all the direct flights leaving Liverpool on the Thursday have sold out and have lengthy stop-overs in airports all over Europe, with some journeys to Madrid taking over nine hours. 

If you fancied keeping costs down, you could travel to other cities in Spain such as Valencia, Malaga ors  Barcelona, and get public transport from there. Valencia is only a two-hour train ride from the Spanish capital, while you can catch a seven-hour coach or three-hour train from Barcelona. From Malaga, you’re looking at a six-hour bus or train which takes just under three hours.

Of course, there is always the option of chartering your own flight. Air Charter Service is offering fans the opportunity to charter their own private jet to fly to Madrid and back on June 1 for around £2,000 per person.


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With Madrid being relatively close in comparison to other summer European finals, one of the options on the table is driving there.

From London you will be looking at a journey of just over 1,000 miles. According to Google, this will take you nearly 19 hours with no traffic or time taken for eating or sleeping.

This route will require you to take Eurotunnel to France and then a long drive down to Madrid in the middle of Spain. 

Travelling from Liverpool will take a bit longer, seeing as it’s further north. From here, the journey will take 22 hours and seven minutes non-stop, again depending on traffic.

Public transport

A pretty arduous route from London to Madrid will take you as much as 17 hours of travelling. All routes will require you to take the Eurostar from St Pancras, while trains or buses can take you to the south of France.

From Valence, you can get public transport to Barcelona then the train as mentioned above to Madrid, or the train from Bordeaux takes you straight to the Spanish capital via Bilbao.

If you’re travelling from Liverpool, you will have to get a train to London but apart from that Google suggest a pretty similar route. There are a number of options available to you as you travel down to Spain, but be warned as some of the longer journeys take around a day.

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